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Dansette Major Deluxe, Record Players, Dansette Record Players, Dansette Junior Deluxe, Dansette Bermuda Mk 2, 

Danstte Viva, Dansette Capri,

Dansette Diplomat,

Dansette Tempo,

Bakelite 322 Telephone, HMV Gramophones, 


Bang Olufsen.



Led Zepplin,

Frank Zappa,

Jethro Tull,

Fleetwood Mac,

Pink Floyd,


Velvet Underground,

Rolling Stones,

The Who,

David Bowie,

T Rex,

Kate Bush,

Bob Marley,


Deep Purple,


Nick Drake,

The Kinks,


Eric Clapton,


Black Sabbath,

Sex Pistols.

 Bob Marley, Juicy Lucy, Beastie Boys, The Cure, The Smiths, Blur, Japan, OMD, Small Faces,

Miles Davis, Buddy Holly, Elvis. 

Looking for record shops in Suffolk? Whizzy Wallop is always searching for the most sought after popular vinyl available in tip top condition and restocks both outlets weekly at Marlesford Mill and Darsham Station Emporium. There are many genres to choose from, Pop, Rock, Folk, Jazz, Blues, Hip Hop, Rap, Punk, Sythn, New Wave, Metal, Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, Soundtracks, Comedy, Swing and Goth are examples of the genres available. Vinyl records are priced keenly, undercutting 'Buy it now prices' and many other online retailers. Shop local and support local business saving money at the same time! If you are searching for something in particular, send us your wish list!

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First Pressings, Mint or V.G Condition. We currently have Albums from the following Artists/Bands:

The Beatles

Sex Pistols

Mike Oldfield

The Monkees

The Rolling Stones

The Who

Led Zeppelin

King Crimson

Fleetwood Mac

Paul McCartney

Neil Young

Bob Dylan

Nick Drake


David Bowie

Deep Purple

Black Sabbath


Michael Jackson


Kate Bush

Eric Clapton

Simple Minds


Sham 69, Pet Shop Boys, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin.


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