Whizzy's Angels


Meet the Team, and yes, they really do look, a little like this!

Mandy is our fab vinyl huntress. If Mandy was on an Island she would paint it pink, she doesn't suffer from Vertigo or get in a Swirl about it. She knows her KT tax code from a mother stamper and so wouldn't let 'Fame' turn her head. We think she's on 'Track' to confirm herself as a expert of 'note' in the vinyl world.

Dr D has a Doctorate in Progressive Rock.....Yes...he absolutely loves investigating the Prog Rock Archives and staring at Roger Dean Lithographs.He's always on hand to provide scarce information, analyse early pressings and Whizzy can totally rely on him, at any time...unless of course he isn't in the middle of a thirty minute guitar solo when she calls.e more about you.

Purveyer of Pop Paul is a new addition to the Whizzy Team, he's often out late at night and early in the morning collecting pop classics for all of our customers. Paul has loved collecting records since he was a wee babe in arms and has a passion for classical Tunes, 45 singles and Kate Bush. 

Jumpin 'Jack' Flash is Whizzy's brand guru, he designed this website, helps with marketing and gives us loads of ideas about great bands to look out for.The great thing is (for Whizzy) is that his love of vinyl blinds him to greed, he doesn't get paid in cold hard cash but lovely, scrummy vinyl instead. He's much younger than he looks in this photo, infact he was born when Nirvana's Nevermind came out in 1991. He works in a cutting edge advertising agency in London.

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