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Whizzy in the News

BBC Sounds Vintage Vinyl Show

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Amanda at Whizzy Wallop Vinyl has been extremely lucky to appear as a regular guest on BBC sounds Vintage Vinyl Show with the brilliant Mark Punter. The show normally broadcasts every Sunday at 8pm. Catch it on Iplayer or live on BBC Suffolk, Norfolk, Kent, Northampton and Essex.

BBC Bargain Hunt


If it's good enough for Jarvis Cocker it's certainly good enough for Whizzy Wallop. We were delighted to host Anita Manning and Martin Hughes (of Wessex Auctions) when they did a bargain hunt vinyl special back in 2018.

Record Collector Magazine


We were over the moon to get a mention in the vinyl bible that is: Record Collector Magazine. Martin Wilkinson is a regular record buyer of ours and is responsible for many iconic album covers. A few he's created for are Marillion, Fish, Judas Priest and more recently, Iron Maiden.

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