Vintage Forty Nine

Open Monday to Saturday 10am till 5pm.


Address,  49 The Thoroughfare, Woodbridge. IP12 1AH


Our newest record outlet has just opened in Woodbridge, Whizzy Wallop has now landed in Vintage Forty Nine. A five minute walk from the train station and some really rare vinyl..

Fancy a first pressing of 'Please Please me' by the Beatles, or a Jimi Hendrix Electric Ladyland' on the Track record label? Does 'Juicy Lucy' on Vertigo Swirl tickle your fancy? Or how about some David Bowie singles?

These artists and loads more are to be found here.

Open Monday to Saturday 10am till 5pm. The Address is 49 The Thoroughfare, Woodbridge.

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       Contact:07597366711 or 07592010165